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10 Amazing And Interesting Luxembourg Facts

interesting luxembourg facts
Written by Alizay Khan

We’re looking at 10 interesting Luxembourg facts. Let’s talk about living on the expensive side of life today, shall we? Because the country we’re bringing you to is anything but cheap and boring. So sit back and let us make you fall in love with today’s destination. Luxembourg, as small as it is with an area of only 2.5 square kilometres, more than half of Luxembourg’s population is composed of foreigners and the economy is flourishing.

Back to the 10th century, Luxembourg was a small castle that later developed into a city and the country that we know it is today. Despite its small size, Luxembourg is a part of the European Union and plays a major role in the region’s political involvement.

If you think about studying or working in Luxembourg or you would like to only visit, we can guarantee that these 10 Interesting Luxembourg Facts will get you searching for the earliest flight to visit these beautiful castles in Luxembourg and relax in a stress-free country. Here we go. 

interesting luxembourg facts

It’s one of these smallest sovereign states in Europe

 Luxembourg takes the eighth place in Europe when we’re talking about the smallest of sovereign states. The only ones to top that are the Vatican, Monaco, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Malta, Andorra and Georgia.

Without the Asian part, with the size of about two thousand five hundred eighty-six square kilometres or 998 square miles, it also takes the 179th place in the size of all the 194 independent countries of the world. Even if the state only measures 82 kilometres in length and 57 kilometres wide during the 20th century, its population increased dramatically due to the big mass of immigrants that came from France, Italy and Germany.

In 2017, Luxembourg had a population of approximately five hundred and ninety thousand three hundred and twenty-nine people, which, when you think about it, it’s kind of a small amount for anything you’d consider a country. 

interesting luxembourg facts

Luxembourg City is one of the most relaxed cities in the world 

If you live in a big and busy city, we are sure it can become difficult to find a place to relax and run away from the buzz, even if you cuddle up in a cosy spot at home and your favourite coffee shop. However, when it comes to Luxembourg City, the country’s capital, things are a bit different. With the lowest population density for a state capital, Luxembourg City is the best choice.

If you’re into quiet places and avoiding people while going out for dinner, Interesting Luxembourg facts. On top of all that, the work-life balance is great, with lots of holidays and laid back mindsets. Imagine five paid weeks of vacation and 13 national holidays plus with more than half of the population being immigrants. This city is a multicultural one and the diversity of mentalities will be very beneficial to your well-being. 

interesting luxembourg facts

Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world

 It may come as a surprise to you, but the smallest countries are the richest ones, according to Global Finance Magazine. Only Qatar gets in Luxembourg’s way of becoming the richest nation in the world. In 2017, Luxembourg had a GDP or gross domestic product per capita of one hundred and one thousand nine hundred and thirty-six dollars.

Interesting Luxembourg Facts is that the economy is constantly growing because of the industrial sector and the agricultural field more than constant growth in the economy. There is low inflation and the unemployment rate is below 10 per cent. Moreover, the Luxembourg government attracted Internet startups with Skype and Amazon being two of the many Internet companies that have shifted their regional headquarters to Luxemboug. 

interesting luxembourg facts

Luxembourg means little castle 

If you love castles and fairy tales, this is your paradise in the medieval years. There were more than 100 castles in Luxembourg, and as we already mentioned, the country itself started as the castle. Sadly, only half of them are still standing, with the majority being privately owned, like Berg Castle, where the Grand Duke of Luxembourg has his residence.

Even so, if we do a little math. The result is that you’ll find a castle every 100 square miles, which is impressive. If you’re into medieval architecture, if you’re also a fan of walking, you can choose the hiking trail into the Valley of the Seven Castles and visit some of the most impressive castles the country has to offer. We think you’ve got the point Alike there’s if you have no other reason to visit Luxembourg, but you’re a castle lover do it again.

interesting luxembourg facts

Mansour Akram Ojjeh is the richest person in Luxembough with a net worth of $3.2 billion

The Techniques seven-card company is a private holding with its headquarters in. Luxembourg offers products and services in the business of aviation with interests worldwide. Its CEO, Mansour Akram OJ is the wealthiest man in Luxembourg men. Zorah was born in Saudi Arabia in 1952 with French citizenship. He graduated in 1974 with a degree in business administration from Menlo College in California and now rules over the tag empire that also owns 25 per cent of the McLaren Technology Group, Interesting Luxembourg Facts.

The most important asset of McLaren is at the moment the McLaren Formula One team, and Manzoor owns a part of that as well. He also owns 10 per cent of the upmarket jewellers brand Osprey and Jerrard. His net worth is, at this point, three-point two billion dollars. And besides an impressive home and luxury car collection, he also owns an 80 million dollar yacht. 

interesting luxembourg facts

Luxembourg can be a model for Hong Kong’s workforce 

Hong Kong is facing a serious problem regarding its workforce, especially in construction and catering. First of all, they need to facilitate the borders passing so foreigners can come to work there. This is the most important thing that Luxembourg turned into an advantage.

Luxembourg facilitated taxes and regulations for foreigners, especially for them to come as a workforce. They also have to secure an area where new companies and startups will set up their headquarters for the number of workplaces to rise. All of these issues have been addressed and fixed by Luxembourg and very efficient and practical ways. So Hong Kong could learn a thing or two from them. 

interesting luxembourg facts

They faced an espionage scandal in 2017 involving their prime minister

Luxembourg had to hold new elections after a scandal involving Jean-Claude Juncker, a Luxembourgish politician serving as president of the European Commission since 2014 had come to light. Everything started back in 2013 when their prime minister announced his resignation after a Secret Service scandal where the Luxembourg intelligence chiefs were accused of having made unauthorized taping of phone conversations and keeping around 13000 secret files on the state’s politicians.

Now the case was brought back and fresh evidence emerged. The judge launched a new criminal investigation into other government officials working for Mr Juncker deliberately falsified crucial evidence during the 2013 preliminary investigation. But Mr Yunker denied having any knowledge of illegal activities. 

The Lux leaks revealed tax rulings done by P.W.C

A journalist investigation conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists revealed in November 2014, a financial scandal named Luxembourg leaks sometimes shortened to Lux leaks.

Luxembourg is named a tax haven because of PricewaterhouseCoopers or P.W.C had helped multinational companies obtain at least 548 tax rulings or legal secret deals in almost eight years. A lot of confidential information about Luxembourg’s tax rulings set up by PricewaterhouseCoopers were exposed alongside the tax rulings of nearly 340 international companies such as Pepsi, IKEA, AIG coach Deutsche Bank and Abbott Laboratories.

The government looked into this but Luxembourg still works like this as a tax haven, Interesting Luxembourg Facts. 

interesting luxembourg facts

Luxembourg succeeded in steadily reducing the number of fatalities on roads

 Luxembourg took initiative into reducing the number of fatalities on roads a few years ago. They introduced more police controls, traffic cameras and increased penalties regarding driving issues. All of these measures contributed to reducing the number of fatalities to 47 per one million inhabitants in 2017, instead of 216 per one million inhabitants in 1991.

This fact relates to another, namely that Luxembourg is the only European country with no road death increase, even if Luxembourg still has a long way to go to improve road security. Also, it’s estimated that 19 per cent of road fatalities and 22 per cent of seriously injured casualties are due to drinking and driving, and 48 per cent of all fatalities are due to speeding. 

interesting luxembourg facts

Studio apartments in Luxembourg go as high as 935 dollars a month

During last year, the rents for accommodations in Luxembourg had gone mad. Only for a studio apartment. People had to pay approximately nine hundred and thirty-five dollars a month. It’s important to mention that we talk about the price in the most important areas.

Since the country is as small as it is, almost all of it counts as important. If you think of buying a house in Luxembourg, you’re also going to need approximately seven hundred thousand euros, which is about eight hundred and thirty-four thousand dollars. The best advice we can give you is to start with rent, Interesting Luxembourg Facts.

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