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10 Amazing football facts

Football facts
Written by Alizay Khan

Football is an English game. Some football facts is that football is being played everywhere in the world. Football keeps the stress in between the two teams of the 90 minutes of the match. Intense games are worth watching because of the beautiful moments of the goals. Obviously players fight because of the rules and penalties but that’s what keep the spirits of the players and crowd keep you interested. Today we’re not bringing you players or clubs or managers, but 10 of the most incredible facts about this beautiful game we call “Football”.

Football facts

Real Madrid 6-1 Real Madrid

The 1980 Copa de Rey was lit up by a side wearing the famous white shirt of Real Madrid. It wasn’t the first time Real Madrid Castilla, Los Blanco Academy team became just the third team playing outside the top flight to reach the final, where they met the senior team led by stars like Santillana and Future World Cup-winning manager Vincent Dubosc disappeared knocks out Real Sociedad and Athletic Bilbao on the way to the final, passing 32 goals in 14 games.

Unsurprisingly, when the decider was confirmed to be an all-white affair, it was hailed at the Barnaba, with both sides enjoying the home-field advantage. There was a reason the first teams were in the first team. After an hour, they were four-nil up. And although Castillo pulled one back through Ricardo Alvarez, who doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page.

The game ended six one to the real Real Madrid. Both sides celebrated after the final whistle and Castillo played in the European Cup Winners Cup. The following season, the only reserve team to ever do so one of the coolest football facts.

Football facts

Football, not soccer

If you’re American and get into an argument about soccer on Twitter, let’s some point be told, It’s called football. While the Yanks may be routinely blamed for giving the world that word, it’s a British invention. Unlike the game itself, which, despite what the English would claim, has its origins in China and ancient Greece, football can be referred to rugby, gridiron, Gaelic and Aussie Rules football.

Soccer only applies to the beautiful game and came about as an abbreviation of association football, which is what it was called off the English FA. Meanwhile, Americans generally referred to the sport as football facts until the early nineteen hundreds. But that gradually disappeared as it cause confusion with the game played in the NFL, with soccer becoming the preferred time in the USA.

The snooty Brits decided that the word wasn’t cool anymore and went back to calling it football. Maybe we should all give up and just call it Calcio. 

Football facts

Gulliermo Stabile 

An Argentinean striker played for Napoli, Guillermo Stabile was not expected to be a star at the first World Cup in 1930. You’d never want a cup for the Alvis alas, before despite hitting 102 in 119 for Hurricane and lost the tournament on the bench with Captain Manuel Ferrara taking the striker spot but Ferraro was forced to miss the second match because of a university exam and stipulate deputize brilliantly.

He scored a hat-trick and a six three victory over Mexico and was granted a run in the site biking two versus Chile. Then another brace in the semifinal against the USA in the final bill netted again, giving his country to nil lead at half time. The opponents Uruguay rallied in the second period, scoring three without reply. Stoebe they finished the tournament as top scorer with eight. But bizarrely, he was never caught up to the national team again.

As a result, he can claim to have scored in every match he played for Argentina and to have averaged two goals a game during his international career football facts. Mussolini tried to get him to come out of retirement to feature for Italy at the next World Cup. 

Football facts

Jose Luis Chilavert goalkeeper

Chilavert was one of the great football showmen. Alongside with Renney, who Geeta and Rogerio Sani, he is one of the most unconventional men ever to play between the stakes and won six titles in Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. Chilavert became famous for his set pieces, often taking free kicks and pens for club and country. In 1994, he won the Copper Libertador, as with Argentina side Vélez Sarsfield after scoring one penalty and saving another in the final shootout.

In 1997-98, he got Tenley goals in a single season. Something David Beckham could only manage on one occasion and scored 8 international goals for his country, more than Patrick Vieira for France. Even more amazingly in 1999, he never bagged a hat-trick in a six one drubbing of Ferrer Carol WAC football facts. Unsurprisingly, they all came from the spot. He remains the only keeper to back three in a professional match. 

Football facts

Samba style 

There is arguably no sight more iconic in football than the green and gold strip of Brazil. The seller’s agent, always dressed in their national colours, most commonly turning out an all-white for their first 36 years of competition and even sporting Red Shirts in 1970. In 1950, Brazil hosted the World Cup for the first time and was aiming to improve on a third-place finish at the previous tournament before the Second World War in 1938.

Victories over Spain, Sweden and Yugoslavia put them in the final against Uruguay, but at the final hurdle, they fell to a two-one loss. The match played in front of an audience of 200,000 people, Rio’s Maracanã stadium stunned the whole country. Such was the confidence in Brazil’s prospects that gold medals were made for the players beforehand. A newspaper El-Mundo printed an early edition with a picture of the Salazar and the headline “These are the world champions”.

The White kept winning. The game is now considered unlucky. A 19-year-old Aldea Garcia Schley won a competition to design the new strip, producing the Komisar cut in Nara. We know today as football facts. 

Football facts

The pep squad 

Pep Guardiola must have been miserable in 2013 during his gappy after leaving Barcelona. The Catalan had announced that he would take charge of Bayern Munich the following summer, expecting to find the German giants struggling for domestic supremacy with Dortmund without a Champion’s League triumph in 12 years. As it turned out, he joined a team which had just won an unprecedented of called Bundesliga and European Cup, losing a single match in the league and scoring nearly three goals per game while conceding just 33 in 54.

He won a title in each of his three seasons, the Allianz Gladiolas have often been criticized for failing to score you punks all-conquering side. However, his Bayern arguably became even more dominant in domestic competition in 2013-14. The club won the league by 19 points and conceded just eight goals away from home. If Manawa Noyer turns into Manuel Almunia and every shot on target against Bayern had gone for it is one of the football facts.

Drosten would have finished the season on 42 points in ninth place and fifteen points above the relegation zone but Pap sure. He’s a bold fraud.

Football facts

Laszlo Kubalah

One of Hungary’s many great players. Laszlo Cabarlah was a powerful forward who won four titles with Barcelona, hitting 194 goals and 280 games. He is still Catlin’s third-highest score of all time, but might not have ever reached Spain. After escaping Hungary in the back of a truck when the country came under communist rule in the 40s, Kabalah was invited to play for Torino in an exhibition match against Benfica.

He was only prevented by his young son suddenly falling ill and the entire Torino team died and a supercar air disaster while flying back from Portugal. Karbala is officially the only man ever to play for three international teams. A Hungarian, a Slovak ethnicity. He was able to care for both countries and then played for Spain, too, during his time at Barcelona.

He made a combined 11 appearances, scoring nine goals. The only other man with a claim to the achievement is Rounder’s Alfredo de Stefano, who turned out for Spain, Argentina and Colombia. But at the time, FIFA didn’t recognize the Colombian FA. Still, Spanish fans got a treat in the 50s when the two rivals played together for LaRocco and they later re-teamed Espanol. 

Football facts

Manchester United’s academy

Long famed for the quality of their youth sets, Manchester United have come in for criticism in recent years, though their teams have won the FA. Youth Cup 10 times more than any other side. They’ve done so just once since 2003, while Chelsea has lifted the trophy on six occasions in that period but maybe the outlook isn’t so bad. In 2016, 17 players educated at Old Trafford paid a combined forty-four thousand fifty-five minutes in the Premier League. Coolest football facts for united fans.

More than twice as many as Academy graduates are Tottenham, who is second on the list.It is even more remarkable that, the Red Devils have now at least one use products in the squad for every single match they’ve played since 1937. That’s eight years and nearly 4,000 games and those academy players include Ballon d’Or. When is George Best and Bobby Charlton, as well as Scholes Giggs and Gerard Piqué 

Football facts

Giuseppe Bergomi

One club band, Giuseppe Bergomi, spend his whole 20-year career within Milan, winning a single serious title, making 756 appearances more than any other Nazeri player except the immortal. Forgive me also on 81 cups for Italy and played for World Cups but never appeared in a single World Cup qualifier at the 1982 tournament. Bergomi was a last-minute addition to the squad.

They become Italy’s youngest player since World War Two at the age of 80. Italy ones they didn’t have to qualify for the 1986 tournament while they hosted the 1990 competition, again skipping qualification. Finally, a football facts in 1998, 34 years old MIA was again caught up at the eleventh-hour losing into a formidable Azeri defence alongside Mordini and Costa Koetter and with Antonio Content Front.

Italy made the courses before being knocked out by France and Bergomi, retired a year later. 

Football facts

Lightning Kills Football Team 

A tragic and almost unbelievable story known as a game in the Democratic Republic of Congo is brought to an end in 1998 by the deaths of all 11 players and one of the teams. When a shady were playing Bossangoa and the score was poised at one-one. When lightning struck the pitch, the banner players aged between 20 and 35 were all killed instantly, while 30 spectators also suffered burns.

However, Assange’s man miraculously remained unharmed, sparking talk of witchcraft, which the paper reporting the incident Lavenia claimed is common in the Congolese game. The BBC and The Guardian both picked up on the story. It was though the civil war in the country prevented Lavender’s report from being independently substantiated. Bizarrely, it wasn’t an isolated incident.

A week earlier, in the South African premier division, a match between the Morocco Swallow’s and Jomo Cosmos was abandoned after seven players in the RAF were struck by lightning. Fortunately, no one was killed that time, though the Cosmo’s coach publicly accused what is a faking injury. Given that they were to kneel in the final moments of the game.

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