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11 Cricket facts for being awesome

cricket facts
Written by Alizay Khan

Cricket facts are something everyone should know and it is being played everywhere, well mostly in Asian or European countries. We’re talking about the game of cricket. Let’s take a look at some of the history and some surprising facts dealing with the game of cricket. Now for the game of cricket to be played and its facts 

cricket facts


It’s played in an oval-shaped field that looks kind of like this. But we got to know how is cricket played? So in the middle of this oval-shaped field is a rectangular strip in the centre, which is called the pitch. Now, the pitches where the bowler, similar to a pitcher in baseball, bowls the ball and it’s up to the other team’s batsmen to hit the ball, not the batsman, hits the ball far enough.

He can score runs for his team by running back and forth between the two safe zones called creases. Now the batsman misses the ball and it hits the wicket behind him. Then he’s out of there. He can also get out if he hits the ball and it’s caught on the fly by a fielder or get the fielders able to knock over the wicket while the batsman is outside the crease.

The team that scored is the most run wins a game. Now, of course, there are a ton of more rules about how cricket works. It can cover every single one of them in this video. But I do have a link to more information Down below if you want to see the technicality and the full breakdown of the game of cricket.

cricket facts

History of cricket facts

The history of cricket is very simple yet beautiful. Now, do you know that cricket facts started as a child’s game and it can be traced back to the 16th century in England? Yeah, cricket was first played in southeast England. A stick and a ball of sheep’s wool. It was the first-ever equipment used to play the game. Now, the modern game of cricket was developed in England in the 16th century. And in 1788, the first official laws of cricket were written down. 

cricket facts

Cricket club

The Marylebone Cricket Club, known as the FCC. They were the first cricket team ever established. In 1793, the first recorded cricket game was played, nelson for talking about sports. 

cricket facts


The International Cricket Association is the international governing body of cricket facts, was formed in 1909. It had South Africa, England, and Australia as its only members. Later on India, the West Indies and other countries were added. Now, today, the International Cricket Association, or the ICC for short, has 105 members, ten full members at play test matches. 39 associate members and 56 affiliate members as of 2005. The ICC headquarters is located in Dubai. 

cricket facts

Longest cricket match in history 

Now the longest cricket match in history took place in 1939 between England and South Africa. Now the game was played on the 3rd of March 1939 and lasted 12 days. Twelve days for a sports game. OK, so let me break this down for you. As this blew my mind, so in the game England had to chase down the world record total of 694 runs to win against South Africa and England came pretty close by the last day of the match.

They had six hundred and forty-six runs. However, the match had to be abandoned and the game was declared a draw. This was because the English players had to rush back to catch their boat, which was going to leave from South Africa in the middle of the game. But that’s not fair. Look, guys, let the people play the game. I wonder how long that would have gone. 

cricket facts

International cricket game

Now, the first-ever international cricket game took place between the United States and Canada in 1844. Yeah, Canada was the first team to travel to another country for a match. Canada won by 20 runs. Canada represents and the game had roughly 10 to 20 thousand people watching this. 

cricket facts

Batsman best score

Now, in cricket, it’s always an amazing achievement if a batsman can score a 100 runs or more but when they do that. That’s known as a century, you can also get a double century which is known as 200 runs. That’s like a huge achievement as well. 

cricket facts

Australia women’s team captain

Now, former Australia’s women’s team captain, Belinda Clark, was the first player ever, male or female, to score a double century in one day of international cricket. This happened during a match in 1997 against Denmark in Mumbai, and that’s when she got a score of 229 runs not since she’s retired in 2005. No one has ever beaten her record of 4, 844 ODI runs, and she’s even been inducted in the ICC Hall of Fame for her accomplishments. 

cricket facts

Sir Jack hart

Now there’s another very popular cricket player for cricket facts, the name of Sir Jack Hart. He had scored 199 centuries in his career. He’s known simply as the master. He’s a right-handed batsman that’s scored 60,000 runs in 35 years. Jermaine is the oldest man ever to score a test century and that happened at the age of 46. He scored more first-class runs and more centuries than any other cricketer. He scored 199 centuries in his first-class career. 

cricket facts

Bert Oldfield

Now let’s look at Bert Oldfield. Now he is one of the finest wicketkeepers in the history of cricket. He was the first-ever wicketkeeper to cause one hundred batsman dismissals and score a total of 1000 runs. 

cricket facts

Mystery behind longest 6 

Now there is a one time a ball that was hit in the game was recovered five hundred and fifty-six miles away. Well, what happened was that it is a player by the name of Jimmy Sinclair. Now he hit a six and the ball landed on a train that was heading towards Port Elizabeth in Johannesburg and that’s where the ball was recovered. Let me know all your thoughts and comments on cricket. 

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