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15 Interesting Facts About Peru

interesting facts about peru
Written by Alizay Khan

We’re looking at interesting Facts About Peru . Today, we’re headed for exotic South America to the marvellous wonder that is Peru covering an area of 496 thousand, 225 square miles and with a population of over 32 million people. Peru is one of South America’s most densely populated countries, home to many Andean societies at the same time dating from 9000 BC. One of Peru’s most famous legacies is the remnants of the Nazca and Inca eras.

The country was ruled by Spain from the 16th century. Peru finally went on to gain its independence from Spain in 1879. Today, the country consists of a multi-ethnic population. It’s a rich history and its culture. With the 15 things interesting Facts About Peru. 

interesting facts about peru

1-Peru is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet

Peru is divided into three distinct geographic zones. It has a plethora of fauna and flora that flourish in each one of them. Part of Peru is dominated by the Andes Mountain Range, which runs down the length of the country parallel to the Pacific Ocean on the West. The biggest geographic zone in Peru in the jungle. Up to 60 per cent of Peru’s landmass forms part of the Amazon rainforest.

It begins on the eastern side of the Andes and stretches towards the country’s eastern borders with Brazil and Bolivia. The mountain tops of the Andes are called the Sierra. To the west of the Andes lies the coastal region or Costa. This narrow area is predominantly desert, interesting Facts About Peru.  

2- Peruvians are proud of the remnants of the Inca culture that exists to this day

The Incas emerged as a powerful nation in the 15th century. They’d started as a small group of caterers after several conquests. They slowly expanded their territory in the mid 15th century. Their power reached its pinnacle with massive land gains after a conflict with neighbouring groups. Their centre of power was the Andean area, and their capital was Koko.

The Incas worshipped the Sun God N.T. Many millions of people lived under Anquan rule. A society of law and order was created. Many buildings were constructed. The remains of which can still be seen today, Interesting Facts About Peru

interesting facts about peru

3- The Spanish conquest of South America would forever alter the region 

In 1500, the Spanish galleons began to arrive in South America as the Spaniards sought land and resources. The Inca were eventually defeated in December 1532. The Spanish took control and colonized the area and renamed it the Vista Royalty of Peru. This capital was Lima, which remains Peru’s capital to this day. The ethnic population of the region sadly died in great numbers as a result of the fighting, forced labour and diseases that arrived with the Spanish conquistadors.

With the discovery of gold and silver, the Spanish set up mines. When there weren’t enough indigenous inhabitants to work the mines, they brought in slaves from Africa. The inhabitants of Peru were converted to Catholicism at the behest of the King of Spain, thereby destroying the beliefs and culture of the Inca.

4- Tourism is an important part of the Peruvian economy

Gaining independence from Spain, the country of Peru faced declining silver and gold mining production. There would be several years of infighting among the former Spanish colonies over the territory. Only by the early 1900s. Was there some stability in the country and the chance to rebuild it.

Today, Peru is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Its income is dominated by the services industry, which includes hospitality and tourism. Tourists are attracted to the archaeological remains of the Incas and other civilizations that inhabited the area, Interesting Facts About Peru.

5- One of Peru’s most expensive hotels will cost the visitor about 350 dollars a night

 The Tambo del Inka is one of Peru’s most luxurious hotels. It’s situated in the sacred valley. The Sacred Valley is located in the Andes Mountains and lies about 12 miles north of the ancient Incan capital of Cusco. The hotel offers its guests quick access to some of Peru’s most iconic tourist attractions, Interesting Facts About Peru.

The Tambo del Lenca has a large picture window, allowing the visitor panoramic views of the dramatic landscape. While the Sacred Valley has many accommodation options, this hotel features the area’s biggest spa which is perfect for those guests seeking a bit of pampering while soaking up the local culture. 

interesting facts about peru

6- A 1987 aeroplane crash wiped out an entire football team and support staff

 On December 8th, 1987, a plane carrying the players, manager, coaches, staff and fans of the Alianza Lima team died after their chartered plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Of the 38 passengers and six crew, only the pilots survived. A malfunctioning indicator for the landing gear left the pilot uncertain as to whether it was safe to land. The pilot did a flyby and the control tower confirmed all was well and instructed the pilot to land the plane.

However, as the pilot prepared to approach the runway for the landing, the plane crashed into the ocean. Only in 2006 was the public find out. The crash was caused by faulty mechanics and pilot error. 

7- A new airport may destroy yet unexplored archaeological treasures

Plans to build an airport close to the Sacred Valley are going ahead, many are protesting its presence. Should the airport project be completed, up to six million tourists would be able to land at Peru’s most popular tourist destination. Opponents of the development, cite the fact that the location might potentially hold more archaeological finds that provide insight into the history of the area and could themselves become future tourist attractions.

The area Chinchorro has not yet been fully explored, interesting Facts About Peru. However, it does contain imperial buildings and other structures. Experts are pleading with the Peruvian government to weigh the need for development against the need to preserve and study the past. 

interesting facts about peru

8- Peru will not be pardoning a past ruler convicted of corruption

 Former President Alberto Fujimori is the reign of power. Lasted from 1990 to 2000. His rule was dominated by allegations of corruption and human rights violations. In 2000, Fujimori was impeached in absentia. He was arrested in Chile in 2005 and sent to Peru. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for several crimes, which included murder. Back in 2009, his family applied for a presidential pardon based on Fujimori’s ill health. President Ayanda Humala refused to do that, interesting Facts About Peru.

Then, in December 2017, President Pedro Pablo Kazinsky issued a pardon on advice from a medical board. Widespread protests led to the pardon being reversed. In October 2018, Fujimori had to return to prison. He resisted, citing his ill health until a court ordered him to return in January of 2019. 

9- Football is an important part of Peruvian life

 Football is by far Peru’s most popular sport. There are several big clubs and league games and finals are well attended. The national team is qualified for and played in the FIFA World Cup five times. Their last appearance was at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. In addition to that, Peru has won the Copa America trophy twice.

Another sport, Taekwando, is gaining popularity in Peru as well. The country is also active in the world of women’s volleyball. As you would imagine, surfing is popular along the Peruvian coast. 

10- Peru is home to one of the world’s most unique hotels

 Adventurers awaiting to immerse themselves in the glory of the sacred valley should consider staying at the Sky Lodge Adventure Suites. These are glass pods that have been placed on a cliff that overlooks the sacred valley, inaccessible by road. Guests have to climb. Thirteen hundred feet up the cliff face to reach their accommodations. Then guests can zip line down to the base of the cliff when they’re ready to emerge from their glass chrysalis.

Each pod contains four beds, a dining section and a private bathroom that’s not made of sheer glass. No other pod experience comes close, according to those who’ve experienced it. 

interesting facts about peru

11- About 75 per cent of the world’s alpacas live in Peru

 The alpaca is a South American camel, and it should not be confused with the llama, alpacas are smaller than llamas. Alpacas are also kept and farmed on the even plains of the Andes Mountains. Farmers breed and keep them for their alpaca fibres. It is similar to sheep’s wool and used to manufacture a variety of textiles worldwide. The demand for textiles made from alpaca fibre is increasing. There are 52 natural shades of alpaca fibre in Peru.

Alpacas are closely related to both Llamas and the Vicuna. This animal is believed to be the wild ancestor of the domesticated alpaca and is Peru’s national animal, Interesting Facts About Peru. 

12- Peru’s desert area is home to some interesting tourist attractions

 The NASCAR lions are best viewed from the air. They are sets of geo cliffs that make more than 70 animal and human formations. More than 10,000 lines were used to create the geo cliffs. Some of these lines are 30 miles long. But why are they? Are there remains a mystery? Some people believe they are evidence of aliens landing on Earth, while others think they are astral charts.

The NASCAR people used and in a Sikora desert, the world’s highest dune awaits any visitor. Set to Blanco is 3860 feet tall and popular among sand boarders. 

13- Peru has a new president by July 2018

 Pedro Pablo Krasinski resigned suddenly amid allegations of corruption. He handed in his resignation in anticipation of the commencement of impeachment proceedings. The first vice president, Martin Vizcarra, was sworn in as the new president. He’s expected to serve until the end of Brzezinski’s term, which ends in 2021. However, there have been calls for fresh elections before that.

Vizcarra has promised to continue corruption investigations and eliminate such illegal practices from the government. He’s being supported by those who remain loyal to the former president, Alberto Fujimori. 

interesting facts about peru

14- Peru is home to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World in 2007

 The new Seven Wonders of the World were announced. Among them is Machu Picchu, an archaeological gem rediscovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham. The site sits on a mountain ridge in the sacred valley. Accessing the site requires hiking. A training guide and a bus commute, Interesting Facts About Peru.

This allows the visitors to appreciate the amount of effort put into building the settlement so high up in the mountains by hand. The panoramic views and rich cultural experience make visiting the Angka settlement of Machu Picchu an absolute must for anyone travelling in Peru. 

15- Traditional Peruvian foods might leave the visitor a little puzzled

 While most people think of the guinea pig as a pet, it’s a delicacy. In Peru, the guinea pig is called Cuy. On special occasions, roasted cuy is part of the menu, the dishes presented in its complete form with the head and feet still attached. As for beverages, Peru has its national drink known as the pisco sour.

It’s made with grape brandy, sugar water, egg whites and lemons finished with ice and bitters. The pisco sour is delicious but certainly packs a powerful punch, Interesting Facts About Peru

16- A Peruvian poncho is meant to last a lifetime

 The poncho is part of the traditional dress of Peru, spun, woven and dyed by hand. A poncho can take between 500 and 600 hours to make. In Peru, one receives a new poncho upon reaching adulthood. What’s more, the poncho is expected to last a lifetime due to the quality of materials used and the production process. 

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