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18 Amazing Facts about Facebook

Facts about Facebook
Written by Alizay Khan
  • Facebook was originally called face mash, late to change to Facebook and then finally in 2005, which was changed to simply facts about Facebook
Facts about Facebook
  • That is just a little protip you can access Facebook by simply writing FB and then hitting control and enter on your keyboard. Try it out. 
  • Facebook now has over one billion active users and about half of them log into their account every single day. That means that globally, one in seven people use Facebook.
  • In the United States, about 95 per cent of the population has a Facebook account.  
Facts about Facebook
  • It might sound strange but Facebook pays you money if you’re able to hack into the Web site. Why you might ask? Well, because if you’re able to hack your way in, thus revealing a new security bug, you have to save facts about Facebook but the trouble of locating the bug themselves. The money they payout ranges between 510 dollars, depending on the severity of the bug. So if you think you’re skilled enough, start hacking. 
Facts about Facebook

Facts about Facebook, a family got murdered

  • In early 2012, a couple was murdered because they had unfriended a person on Facebook. The couple had recently unfriended a woman they knew. The woman’s father got upset by this and went over to their house along with the woman’s cousin, and shot both victims in the head but it gets worse. The female victim was holding the couple’s eight-month-old baby in her arms as she was murdered. They then left the house, leaving the baby alive. Talk about faith in humanity destroyed and on a similar note, about 30 million Facebook accounts right now belong to dead people. 
  • In Egypt, a father named his newborn daughter. Facebook. Allegedly, He did this to all the social media Web sites role in Egypt’s revolution but wait, there’s more. In Israel, a couple named their Shive “like” off the Facebook like button. The couple explained that they were looking for a unique name and that they liked the sound of the word like. 
Facts about Facebook
  • In the early days of Facebook, a lot of things were different when Facebook first launched, the home page featured a picture of Al Pacino’s face.No one knows why. 
  • In the beginning, it was a website only for colleges and universities. Facebook also had a file-sharing function similar to Mega Upload and others alike called The Wire Hog. 

Data Privacy?

  • According to an early employee, Facebook was quite reckless. When members privacy, in the beginning, they had access to all members passwords, including a master password that will let anyone who had it access any account they wanted.  
  • The most liked page on Facebook. It’s one of the companies own a title, Facebook, for every phone with over 280 million likes. Second place is Facebook, Zohn page at 99 million and third place goes to YouTube’s official page with over 70 million likes. 
Facts about Facebook
  • The first-ever registered user is the creator himself, Mark Zuckerberg.  
Facts about Facebook
  • There is a legitimate disorder caused by obsessive use of Facebook. The disorder is simply called Facebook addiction disorder or FAD for short. Symptoms associated with the disorder can, for example, be having lots of fake friends not answering the phone because they want to use Facebook to communicate, withdrawing from social activities with family or friends to just spend time on Facebook and having at least one or two Facebook windows open at any given time. Some believe that as much as 350 million people could be suffering from this disorder. 
Facts about Facebook
  • About a third of all divorce filings in the US contain the word Facebook and a study was done which showed that about 25 per cent of Facebook users have been dumped on the site and about 20 per cent said they would or had dumped someone by simply changing their relationship status. Another study shows that the most common reason people use Facebook is to stalk their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s quite shocking and also sad that these days you can end a relationship with just the click of a button. 
  • So there are about 10 million apps on Facebook. 15 million pages, 700 million active users every single day. 
  • 150 billion friend connections since launch and over one trillion like the average user have around 140 friends. 
  • The total number of photos is 240 million, and about 20 per cent of pictures taken this year will end up on Facebook. The average user spends about one hour a day on the site.
  • Around 85 million fake accounts exist. There are 17 languages available. 
  • Facebook gets over 5000 employees. 250 million Facebook games are played by each mom’s by New Braunfels are created every second. 

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