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20 Useful Facts about Instagram

Facts about Instagram
Written by Alizay Khan

Since its founding in 2010, Facts about Instagram has taken the world of social media by storm, both as an incredibly popular image sharing site but also as one particularly relevant and popular culture.

Even if you don’t use Instagram yourself, you felt its effects whether it’s through the celebrities the site has helped create or the jokes and references. The site is spawned from viral pets to expensive posts. Today we’re counting down 20 facts about Instagram that you may not have known.

First post on Instagram?

We go back to the very start of Instagram. Almost eight years ago, you know, Instagram has been around for a while but do you know about some of the first content ever posted on there? It does seem like the founding members of social sites like animals because the first photo published on facts on Instagram was of an adorable puppy. The photo of the pooch has received over 80,000 likes.

The poster Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom says that he regrets posting it as the first photo and that he wishes he had started the platform with a photo where he had tried a little harder. The system says the photo was taken at a taco stand in Mexico, where the dogs just happened to be allowing him to snap the now-famous photo. It also uses a filter, which is still on Instagram today, which just goes to show you how much of a long and yet persistent history the platform has.

Facts about Instagram


We’re going to delve way back into Instagram’s rich history. Selfies today are as much a part of life on Instagram and the Internet at large as pictures of dogs or food. The term selfie itself is surprisingly quite old and was first known to be set in 2002 on an online forum but the first photo to be tagged as a selfie on Instagram wasn’t posted until nearly half a year after the platform’s founding.

That’s right. In January of 2011, Jennifer Lee of San Francisco, California became the first person on the entire platform to tag a photo as being a hashtag selfie. Even though the photo only has a little over a thousand likes, it will forever go down in Instagram and even Internet history as a milestone for what will become one of Instagram’s most useful purposes. Sharing pictures of yourself. While we’re on the topic of selfies.

Kim Kardashian has the most powerful Instagram account

At a whopping 115 million followers and counting and with great power usually comes a great amount of wealth, a fact which Kim probably knew for sure when she took a very large sum of money from the drug company Duchesne to promote a morning sickness drug through a simple selfie holding the bottle, which she posted to her 42 million strong followings back in 2015 because it was technically an illegal advertisement for a pharmaceutical product, according to FDA regulations.

The FDA ordered Mrs Kardashian to delete the ad selfie and made her issue a very long second post soon afterwards, where she warned of potential dangers associated with using the drug.

Facts about Instagram


Do you know how many people use Facts about Instagram? Certainly everyone, you know. When Facebook balanced the Gramm back in early 2012, 40 million people were using the platform and the company was worth one billion dollars. Today, some 500 million people use Instagram, which is now worth 35 billion dollars and counting as older networks like Facebook and Twitter continue to age.

Instagram’s audience continues to grow. In late 2015, their owner Facebook only grew by a tiny one point nine per cent but Instagram grew by a massive seventeen point seven per cent facts about Instagram. That’s an awful lot of food photos.

Too many posts? Think again

It’s a good time to ask, do you ever feel like your post too much on Facts about Instagram? No need to worry. You’re not alone in this regard. For half a billion people who use Instagram daily have minutes to post a total of 40 billion pictures in the history of the platform. Not much of a poster, you’re still contributing. The like button on photos is hit 4.2 billion times on average daily.

For those who do post, the numbers will only continue to rise. 95 million posts were made per day in 2017, and that number only continues to increase in the double digits every year. It looks like you’re not the only addict.

Facts about Instagram


You’re probably the most addicted of all, though. Everyone in the world over uses Instagram. Facts about Instagram finds that a survey found that among Americans, nearly 60 per cent of users check Instagram nearly daily, with a large part of that percentage using it multiple times in a day.

Maybe it’s an exaggeration to say that some people are attached to their phones but Americans seem to blow everyone else out of the water when it comes to excessive use. Maybe it’s time to give looking at dog photos and taking selfies. A short break.

It’s time for a bit of a break from telling you that you’re using Instagram too much

Maybe you are, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a positive message. A study by an English statistics firm found that in the United States, just about everyone seems to use facts about Instagram.

Not literally of course but no one seems to be left out. The study tracked the percentage of people by income group who use Instagram regularly and found that the numbers are very close to each other across groups with both minimum wage workers and six-figure workers using Instagram and a nearly equal rate. On the Internet, sometimes it doesn’t matter how much money you have. It’s all about the content.

A large number of employees

Instagram would require tons of employees to keep such an utterly massive network together. But when it was founded, only two guys, its founders, were working on the projects and by the time several years later, when Facebook bought the company in early 2012, when the company was worth over a billion dollars.

Still, only 13 people were employed to keep the growing platform running. Today, Instagram as a company employs nearly 500 workers and counting, which just proves how far the company has gone since its founding.

The Kardashian have managed to make their way onto this list

They are yet again proving that they could be the kings and queens of Instagram. This time, the focus is on Kendall Jenner, who has nearly 95 million followers. An amazing number for sure but still 20 million behind her half-sister, Kim. Despite this gap, Kendal’s Instagram page still manages to be as powerful as ever and as profitable as ever.

How so? It’s estimated that every single one of her posts is worth between one hundred twenty-five thousand and three hundred thousand dollars. That means just four posts could potentially be worth more than a million dollars but that be a lesson for the next time someone tells you your online presence will never matter.

Facts about Instagram

Facebook sells your stuff

When you sign up for Instagram, you agree to a set of conditions like you would on any other Web site during account registration. Some of the terms and conditions are unreadable, legal mumbo jumbo. That would never matter to anyone except for lawyers. But nestled in the terms is an agreement where the parent company of Instagram, Facebook is allowed to sell anything you post on Instagram to third party companies.

For those of you who only ever post selfies are photos of your food. This agreement will likely never cause you much trouble. Facts about Instagram for artisan photographers, this agreement can make content production on social media a painful experience and with this set of terms, Facebook is also permitted to sell your location data, log files and device information to third party companies, all without having to tell you that they have done so. Continuing in this trend at

Not everyone is making money off of other people on Instagram is involved with Facebook.

One such person is just another artist on the platform known by many for his provocative artwork. That would be Richard Prince of New York City, who has created prints of multiple celebrities.

Instagram post blown up to the size of a canvas seem odd, confusing or even just creepy to you? Well, not everyone feels the same. The artworks have reportedly sold for around 100 thousand dollars per piece. Art will always find a way to leave you scratching your head.

Not everybody is on Instagram for the influence, the money or even the likes

A few people are on it for God. Yes, none other than the world’s most prominent religious head. Pope Francis joined the platform with the handle, Franciscus, in early 2016 with a simple image of him deep in prayer.

The impact was immediate with the pope managing to blast past a million followers and less than 12 hours, which so far is by far the quickest anyone has managed to reach such a major milestone. Francis met with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom just a month earlier to discuss how he might spread the gospel through images. It seems like it worked.

Posted great picture?

Have you ever posted what you thought was a great picture? But it only wound up getting an embarrassingly low amount of likes, forcing you to delete it? Fear no more. In analyzing how corporate accounts might better time their posts.

The best times to post on Instagram, based on when most people would be using it, have been estimated on Sunday and Wednesday. Five p.m. is the best time. But from there things get weird. You’re going to want to post at 7:00 and 10:00 PM on Mondays, 3 AM and 10 AM on Tuesdays, 7 AM and 11 PM on Thursdays, 1 AM and 8 PM on Fridays and 12 AM and 2 PM on Saturdays.

Sure, it seems complicated but when you’re out for exposure, that’s just the kind of thing you’d find yourself memorizing after long enough.

Facts about Instagram


Did you know Instagram continues to manage to destroy Facebook and Twitter in the game? On average, two per cent of the people who see your posts on facts about Instagram will engage with them, which seems low to most of us but it’s still significantly better than Facebook, where facts about Instagram is only 0.5 per cent of the people who see your posts will engage with them.

The situation is even worse on Twitter with an engagement rate of just point one five per cent. That means Instagram has a massive 308 per cent higher engagement rate than Facebook and an astonishing 1313 per cent higher engagement rate than Twitter. So don’t fret if you’re not giving likes on Instagram. It could be much worse.

Spam bot followers

Remember how he mentioned how many followers the Kardashians seem to have? Well, don’t get too jealous just yet. Not all of them are human. No, they’re not aliens or dogs. They’re spambots. A group of cybersecurity researchers did a sweeping study in 2015 and found that a whopping 24 million accounts are almost definitely spam bots, and the number is likely even higher now.

Celebrities and influencers will commonly buy spam followers who can be identified by nonsensical posting or following habits to make their accounts appear more influential than it is. Whenever Instagram attempts to ban a large amount of these spam accounts, celebrities like Justin Bieber will lose millions of followers at the time. Still, even if you don’t buy these bots, they might just follow you anyway. Many are programmed to follow simply based on who’s posting in certain hashtags.

GeoTagging on Instagram

One feature that’s very common across almost every social media and tech platform is geotagging. The ability to tell people where you are whenever you decide to post on Instagram. The feature is a fun way to show your friends all the places you’ve decided to visit either on vacation or simply a trip to the Starbucks down the street but where you might wonder, gets the most geotags in terms of location.

New York City is king by far having the most geotags of any city in the world. What about attractions and specific locations? New York City is almost okay. Times Square is beaten out for the most geotagged location on Earth by Disneyland in Anaheim, California. New York, California rivalry is strong wherever it comes up, and Instagram is certainly no exception to this fact.

Popular location in New York City

As you’ve probably noticed, New York City gets all of the fun when it comes to Instagram a lot of the time, because not only do they dominate in Instagram, geotagging, but also liquor delivery. In 2013, a business known as Frosty’s launched selling sweet and colourful alcoholic slushies with a twist. It exists solely on Instagram, where users in the New York area would text their address after being confirmed as being of legal age and would be delivered the unique drink for ten dollars per bottle.

The business existed for a year, becoming very popular and very illegal because the business didn’t exist. They also lacked all appropriate permits, which led to them being shut down by the New York State Liquor Authority. Apparently, the drink lived on. Soon after, DIY recipes to make the drink arrived on the web, which you can still find today to make it home. As long as you’re old enough for facts about Instagram, of course.

Remember pedobear

It’s all right if you don’t. The meme emerged a whole decade ago to mock paedophiles and was one of the most recognizable Internet means of the time. So why do we mentioned it? Because Nazli didn’t remember when expanding their social media presence onto Instagram in mid-2012. Facts about Instagram is that the smart business decision immediately turned into a PR disaster when their very first posts featuring a bear playing the drums using large Kit Kat bars was immediately pointed out as bearing a striking resemblance to Pedobear.

The post was deleted almost immediately, but many still caught sight of the embarrassing slip up. Fortunately, some have noted that it was good that this was only a cheap social media post. Imagine the disaster if they had featured the same bear costume in a multi-million dollar advertising campaign. Crisis averted mostly and continuing in the trend of corporate embarrassments.

Instagram embarrassed itself

When Instagram first adopted photo stories in early 2017, many users were lightning-fast and putting out how the feature felt as though it was copied directly from Snapchat and to their credit, Instagram’s response hardly beat around the Bush V.P of a product on Instagram openly admitted that Instagram copied stories from Snapchat and went on to claim that good ideas in tech are meant to be shared.

Even after this explanation, Instagram had the egg on their face for their heavy-handed attempted imitation, even if stories are now a regular part of the Instagram experience.

The embarrassment tops off

Only this time it’s on the users themselves. We’ve all embarrassed ourselves at some point on the Internet. But have you ever embarrassed yourself bad enough to get you and your parents in trouble with the law?

Sounds extreme but according to both prosecutors and cybersecurity experts, rich kids can’t get enough of posting pictures of them in their parents, yachts and private jets, pictures which have wound up being used as evidence to expose ill-gotten gains from fraudulent activity. And it’s not just rich kids who have messed up.

None other than 50 Cent got in trouble for similar behaviour when he posted an image of himself sitting in front of a stack of one hundred dollar bills that spelt out broke mere months after claiming bankruptcy which he tried to excuse in court by saying the money was fake, facts about Instagram and that’s the list. Have any more facts you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.

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