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25 Incredible Facts About Greece

facts about greece
Written by Alizay Khan

Greece is a beautiful country with amazing views and facts about Greece would make you want to go to Greece. Here are 25 things you didn’t know about Greece. With Greece on the verge of leaving the euro area, we decided to take a look at some facts you might not know about the beautiful and history filled country.

facts about greece
  • Athens is one of the oldest capitals in the world. More than 40 per cent of Greece’s population lives there.
  • There are over 120 million olive trees in Greece. Some of them are from the 13th century and still producing olives.
  • Greece is considered to be one of the sunniest countries in the world with over 250 sunny days each year.  
  • A Greek movie featured the first nude scene in cinema history.
  • Greece is considered to be the most sexually active country in the world, according to a Djuric survey. Greeks have sex approximately 164 times per year.
facts about greece

Population facts about Greece

  • Greece currently has the highest unemployment rate in the European Union, 26.5 per cent, followed by Spain with a 24 percent.
  • In Greece, if you’re 18 or older, you are obligated by law to vote.
  • Nearly 17 million tourists visit Greece each year. That’s 50 per cent more than the entire population in the country.
  • There are thousands of English words that came from the Greek language was like apology, siren, marathon, Academy, Alphabet and many others, Greek being the oldest written language still in existence.
  • Greece has over 2000 islands and only 170 of them are populated.
  • The original Santa Claus was Greek. You might be familiar with the story of St. Nicholas.
facts about greece

  • Greece is the country with the most archeological museums.
  • There are only a few retirement homes in Greece. Old people live with their children until they die.
  • In ancient Greece, almost 80 per cent of the population was made up by slaves.
facts about greece
  • Greek has been spoken for over 3000 years, making it one of the oldest languages in the world.
  • Greece has the lowest suicide rate in the European Union.
  • If a Greek spits on you, don’t get mad. It’s a good thing. It’s supposed to chase the misfortune away.
  • Even with the economic crisis, Greece remains the country of the lowest suicide rate in the European Union.
facts about greece
  • Statistically speaking, Greece is a country with the largest maritime fleet in the world is outnumbered only by Japan solely on the surface. Covered is number one. Aristotle was one of the best known shipping businessmen in history and at his peak, he was considered to be the richest man in the world. Aristotle had the knowledge of running the business with his
facts about greece

  • Greece has one of the highest abortion rates and one the lowest divorce rates in the European Union. This explains the lowest divorce rates in Greece, facts about greece.
  • The drachma is 2,560 years old. And it is the oldest currency in Europe. And it is very likely that if Greece is pushed out of the euro zone, that the country will revert to Drachma.
  • Over seven per cent of the world’s marvel comes from Greece.
  • Greece isn’t really the country’s name. The Greek refer to the country as Helus or Ladar as the name of the Hellenic Republic. The Romans called it Grecia, referring to the land of Greek people and that’s what the rest of the world calls it today.
facts about greece
  • The literacy rate among Greek’s in the 1950s was only 30 per cent. Now it’s 95 per cent and rising.
  • There are more Greek women than Greek men. So basically the Democratic vote is ruled by the ladies. Greece is owned by ladies and smart choices by the ladies.

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