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45 Interesting facts about the moon

Interesting facts about the moon
Written by Alizay Khan

Moon is a beautiful piece of star that we have are are grateful for it. Interesting facts about the moon is that it is able to heal the mentally broken people, give them hope and also reunite the lovers. The night sky is not complete without the moon so here are 45 interesting facts about the moon:

Interesting facts about the moon
  • An Italian proverb says, if the sun shines on me, I care not for the moon. It’s a flippant remark. As the Earth’s satellite is some simple thing, not worthy of consideration. But, hey, men have walked on the moon, but they haven’t walked on the sun. Incidentally, my advice on this sun walking thing, you should try it at night. It’s much cooler. Anyway, I’m going to share the most interesting facts about the moon with you and it might change your mind about the moon’s simplicity.
  • Why the existence of the moon was the result of a clash. Scientists believe it was formed from the debris of the earth and another space object, which was about the size of Mars after they ran into each other.
  • The moon is not an ideal sphere. It’s shaped more like an egg because of the Earth’s gravity, interesting facts about the moon.
  • The moon is the closest planet satellite to the sun since Mercury and Venus, which are closer to the sun than Earth is. Don’t have satellite. Maybe they have cable, interesting facts about the moon.
  • With an average diameter of two thousand one hundred fifty-nine miles. The moon is the fifth largest satellite in the solar system after Jupiter satellites Ganymede, Callisto and Lo and Saturn’s Titan.
  • We can see solar eclipses pretty often, but moon eclipses only happen once every several hundred years.
  • The moon looks as if it were the same size as the sun. The star is about 400 times bigger than the satellite, but astonishingly, it’s also 400 times farther from us. That’s why they seem to be equal in dimensions as viewed from the surface of the earth, interesting facts about the moon.
  • Although the moon seems bright, its ability to reflect sunlight is three times less than that of Earth. That’s why in combined photos, they make the moon look brighter artificially. 
Interesting facts about the moon
  • It would take about 300,000 moons to produce as much light at night as there is in the afternoon. About two hundred six thousand of them would have to be full.
  • The moon is getting one and a half inches farther away from earth every year. At first, it was about 14,000 miles from Earth. And now nearly 250,000 miles in about 600 million years, its visual size from Earth will be so small that there will be no full solar eclipses. 
  • The moon causes high and low tides on Earth. The gravitational influence of the moon has this effect on oceans. The highest tide can be seen at full or new moon, interesting facts about the moon. 
  • There are huge temperature fluctuations on the moon close to the moon’s equator. The temperature rises from minus 279 degrees Fahrenheit at night to plus two hundred sixty degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon. I think I dress in layers.
  • One moon day is equal to about 29 days on earth. It takes that long for the sun to cross the lunar sky, interesting facts about the moon.
  • People always see the same side of the moon. The Earth’s gravitational field makes the moon spin around its axis slower. That’s why it takes the moon the same time to rotate around its axis. As to orbit around the Earth.
Interesting facts about the moon
  • It was only in 1959 that people could finally see the other side of the moon. Thanks to a photo taken by the Russian spacecraft Luna three.
  • The other side of the moon is more mountainous than the one we see from Earth. It can be explained by the Earth’s gravity, which made the crust on the visible side of the moon thinner. 
  • Craters on the moon were left by asteroids four points one to three-point eight billion years ago. They’re still visible only because geological changes on the moon aren’t as active as on Earth, interesting facts about the moon
Interesting facts about the moon

Amazing and interesting facts about the moon

  • Craters on the moon were first named after famous scientists, artists and researchers, and later after American and Russian astronauts.
  • The greatest crater on the moon is called ACON after an American astronomer and its diameter is 140 miles. It’s the second-largest crater in the solar system.
  • There’s water on the moon, but leave your straw at home. It’s all frozen in the craters and under the ground.
  • There are moonquakes on the surface of the moon. They’re caused by the Earth’s gravity and their epicentres are several miles lower than the moon surface. 
  • The moon’s gravity is only one-sixth that of the Earth’s. If your weight here is one hundred pounds, you’ll only weigh 17 pounds standing on the moon’s surface. You could also be able to walk a distance six times longer and carry a weight six times heavier.
  • Although it’s easier to walk. It’s more dangerous to an astronaut’s foot in a heavy spacesuit might sink into the moon’s ground up to six inches deep. Long-distance jumps can be uncontrolled and dangerous as the moon’s surface is full of deep craters. 
  • Because of the low gravity, lunar dust consisting of tiny, hard and very sharp particles and smelling of gunpowder is all over the moon. It makes a mess, causes symptoms like hay fever and gets into spacesuits, ruining them.
  • It’s not all bad though since at sunset and sunrise the dust sort of dances. It floats above the moon’s surface because electromagnetic forces make the particles float up.
  • The moon does have a kind of atmosphere which is called an exos sphere. It consists of helium, neon and argon. It’s 10 trillion times less dense than on Earth 
  • The absence of oxygen in the atmosphere means that the sky is utterly black while the sun continues to glare. Because of that, the shadows are cleaning cut and contrastive. If you hide in a shadow on the moon, you won’t be able to see your hands and feet.
Interesting facts about the moon
  • Since there’s no atmosphere to speak of so, day changes into night instantly on the moon. There’s no twilight there. 
  • Unlike what we used to learn at school, the moon doesn’t rotate around the Earth. Both the Earth and the moon orbit around the same spot, which is called the Bery Centre. That makes some scientists believe that the moon isn’t a satellite. 
  • What is it that the Earth satellite is more like a planet. The Earth and the moon are a double planet system similar to Pluto and Shari’a. This is also proved by the moon’s size, which has one-fourth of the Earth’s diameter. All other known satellites are much smaller than their planets. 
  • The moon is the only space body outside the earth where humans have landed so far.
  • 600 million people watched the first man in history take his first step on the lunar surface on TV. Yep, it was cool.
  • Modern smartphones are more powerful than the computers that were used to land the Apollo spacecraft on the moon. 
  • More than 400 trees that grow on Earth today were brought from the moon in 1971. The seeds were taken by Apollo 14 to the moon’s orbit, then brought back to Earth.
Interesting facts about the moon

Astonishing facts about the moon

  • It’s been 47 years since the last flight to the moon but NASA is working on new rockets, Aries one and Aries five, which will be able to bring cargo to the moon and get back.
  • There are fresh tracks on the moon’s surface, even though almost 50 years have passed since astronauts last stepped on it. Does it prove that there’s life on the moon? No tracks can stay there for millions of years because there’s no wind or liquid water on the moon to erode them. 
  • 12 people have been to the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first one in 1969 and Eugene Cernan the last in 1972.
  • After the crew of Apollo 11 came back to Earth. They had to go through customs. Really? They declared they were bringing in moon rocks and dust.
  • The moon has its time zone. It the lunar standard time. It doesn’t correspond to the earth style. Now, a year on the moon consists of 12 days. Named after astronauts who walked on the lunar surface, days fall into thirty cycles, which in their turn consists of hours, minutes and seconds. The calendar starts with the moment Neil Armstrong made his first step on the moon.
  • There’s no water on the surface of the moon and the ground is dry. That’s why nothing can grow there. But specimens of lunar soil taken to earth show that it’s quite suitable for growing plants.
  • The dark spots we see on the moon are called mares or lunar seeds. There are 17 seas, one ocean of storms and four bays. But all of them are empty and dry. Scientists used to believe that there had been water in them before but that theory was proved wrong. 
  • lunar seas are low lands filled with basalt lava, which became solid long ago. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed their Eagle spacecraft on the Sea of Tranquility 
Interesting facts about the moon
  • The moon has no magnetic field of its own, but the Stones brought by the astronauts have magnetic qualities. Scientists think that the moon used to have a magnetic field earlier but lost it as a result of a collision with asteroids 
  • There are 200 tons of space junk on the moon. Its experiments used up backpacks and the like left by NASA astronauts who landed on the moon from 1969 to 1972. The rest of the stuff was left by other countries which made flights to the moon without a crew.
  • The oldest pieces of junk on the moon are parts of probes that were sent there to find out if it were possible to land on the lunar surface in 1968. There was speculation that the moon was covered with quicksands, which would make it impossible for astronauts to land there. As you know, that theory was proved wrong. 
  • Finally, there is no evidence of cattle on the lunar surface or even any footprints per the nursery rhyme. Hey, diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle. The cow jumped over the moon. No indication of any bovine presence. Cow or bull has been discovered on the moon and yes, this last item was bull. 

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