5 Interesting Facts About Kpop

These aren’t your grandma’s boy bands unless your grandma was born in South Korea and the 21st century, Interesting facts about kpop music. In case you didn’t know, the K-Pop industry is a big-time business earning over five billion dollars a year in revenue between salaries, sales, advertising and appearances. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

interesting facts about kpop

K-pop candidates undergo an intense training system 

When potential Cape hop performers are first discovered by talent agencies, whether BVA headshots or early performance footage, they’re often sent to live in dorms with other candidates to undergo strict training during this time. They’re given lessons in behaviour and manners and are encouraged to diet or otherwise lose weight to mould themselves into the idealized k-pop beauty.

Some performers have even been known to go under the knife to better exemplify that classic look of k-pop glitz and glamour, like by getting double eyelid surgeries or even having their faces reshaped, singing and dancing lessons are also offered in these dorms and the process isn’t cheap. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2012 that the cost of training just one member of girls generation was three million dollars, considering the years of training required as the candidate fits. That offer mentioned fantasy mould for life in the public eye.

As hip hop star, the bare minimum artistic talents of performance can be taught and learned. Interesting facts about kpop, talent is reportedly only a secondary requirement. 

interesting facts about kpop

Plagiarism is a big problem in k-pop

Songwriting is hard. There are only a finite number of chords to play and keys in which to sing with the true trick being how one can structure and arrange these ideas in a manner that is fresh, original or at the very least, memorable. As a result Interesting facts about kpop, many Cape Hop songwriters have endured numerous copyright claims over the years when it comes to plagiarism.

This has not been lost on fans either, who themselves have noticed a remarkable amount of similarities in some of their favourite songs. Add to this the fact that many K-pop tunes tend to dwell within the modern electronic end of the spectrum as opposed to a band or singer-songwriter dynamic with multiple voices chiming in on the songwriting process and you have a problem which could get worse before it gets better, Interesting facts about kpop.

interesting facts about kpop

K-pop band clubs have designated colours

 Live music has long been defined by energetic and entertaining concert performances but the k-pop industry turns this idea on its head by creating some of the most colourful shoes you’ll ever see. Oftentimes, there’s a specific colour associated with a particular K pop group with that group’s fan club shining out of the brightly coloured light stick in support as they watch the concert.

This can prove disastrous, however, should fans harbour a grudge against a particular group, as evidenced by the infamous Girls Generation Black Ocean incident in 2008. This was where a large segment of the stadium show known as Dream Concert turned off their light sticks in defiance of the group, with the girls being forced to continue to perform in front of a silent crowd with only a small section of supporters waving their pink-coloured light sticks and support.

The normally kaleidoscopic dream concert was left in comparative darkness, Interesting facts about kpop. 

interesting facts about kpop

Audiences have a lot of power over K-pop groups

 K-pop performers are said to belong to the audience. They’re encouraged to present an outward appearance that is open and unattached to fulfil what is often a very young audience’s fantasy. Even if an audience turns away from K-pop group for any perceived slight, such as a rookie group not being deferential enough to an older, more established group, the results can be a PR disaster.

Connecting with the idea of basically being controlled by their public perception, dating could also get a bit weird. Many Cape hop superstars are known to have dating embargoes placed upon them until they’re as old as twenty-nine. Driving many to secretly go on dates in parked cars away from the public and the keep, paparazzi are prying eyes.

interesting facts about kpop

The Korean paparazzi have standards and morals

 The idea of a Korean paparazzi or a K-poparazzi, if you will, is a fairly new one, with one recent example being an online media outlet called Dispatch. The folks behind dispatch got their start working with the Korean newspaper Sports Seoul, but quickly earned a reputation of their own after publishing candid photos of male K-pop star Rain and Korean actress can take me out on a date together.

Fans eat up this first taste of celebrity news and gossip. Although the photographers and writers who worked at the dispatch in an attempt to distance themselves from their American counterparts abide by a strict code of ethics when taking their photos, including not reporting on adultery and not paying for outsourcing, compromising photos which might be considered a personal attack towards the performer.

They’re considerably more thoughtful and respectful than American paparazzi since they refused to run any stories that could cause serious damage to the careers of K-pop stars. 

So do you think you have what it takes for a run through the K pop star machine? Will your supporters shine your favourite colour or will it be a sea of blacklight sticks during your concert for more superstar top tens and not sufficiently deferential top fives? Check out our Youtube for more information.

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