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50 True Interesting Facts

true interesting facts
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Here are 50 true interesting facts that you would be glad that you read while opening this article.

true interesting facts
  • In 1993, a Missouri man purposely damages to lever on the Mississippi River to delay his wife coming home from work so he could party, drink, have an affair. The river flooded 14000 acres of land. He was later arrested and convicted of causing a catastrophe and sentenced to life in prison. 
  • The Navy is now teaching sailors celestial navigation as a response to potential cyber to ship’s navigation system, true interesting facts
  • There are a class of people in Japan referred to as cyber homeless who live at cyber cafes because they are a cheaper alternative than an apartment. The cafes offer free showers, Unseld underwear. 
  • Swedish blood donors receive a thank you text after they donate blood, but they also receive a text whenever that blood is used to help someone. 
  • There is a Santa Clause university that teaches professional Santa Claus skills like toy knowledge poses and how to avoid lawsuits. A top-level Santa Claus can make up to a hundred thousand dollars a year, true interesting facts. 
  • The writing was likely only invented from scratch three times in history in the Middle East, China and Central America all over Alphabet’s and writing systems were either derived from or inspired by offers over too incomplete to fully express the spoken language. 
  • In 1941, the world’s largest seed bank created by botanist Nikolai Vavilov was housed in Leningrad as the Germans surrounded the city, forcing mass starvation.
  • Vevey love scientists refused to eat from the seed collection. Instead slowly dying of hunger as they maintained 16 rooms of edible plants. 
  • If Apple didn’t hold 1,801 billion dollars overseas, it would owe 59 billion dollars in US taxes. 
  • A man from New Zealand named Nigel Richards memorized a French dictionary to win the French Scrabble championship. He can’t speak French but was able to correct his opponents when they attempted to play an incorrect word, true interesting facts. 
  • More than 1000 experts, including Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Steve was NIAC, has signed an open letter urging a global ban on A.I weapons systems. 
true interesting facts
  • When the USS West Virginia was finally raised after being sunk during the bombing of Pearl Harbor, three deceased men were found in an airtight story on the calendar 16 days were crossed off and red pencil. 
  • A Norwegian student named Christopher Cox spent 27 dollars on bitcoins and forgot about them a few years later. He realized they were worth 88,860 dollars. 
  • A New Zealand Chooka fell onto a high-pressure valve. It punctured his left bolt, underinflated him to twice his size, nearly killing him. He survived, but it took three days to fast unberth pounds. 
  • The accessor, Lenovo CEO Younggu Inching, receives a 3 million dollar bonus as a reward for record profits in 2012, which he, in turn, redistributed to about 10,000 of Lenovo’s employees. He made a similar gift again, a free point to 5 million dollars in 2013. 
  • Indian housewives hold 11 per cent of the world’s gold. That is more than the reserves that the USA, IMF, Switzerland and Germany put together. 
true interesting facts
  • For his time as James Bond, Daniel Craig has the privilege of taking any Aston Martin from the factory for the rest of his life. 
  • During the process of becoming a butterfly. The entire caterpillar will break down into a liquid. 
  • To be a London black cab driver one is expected to know over 25,000 roads and 50,000 points of interest and pass a test called the Knowledge to pass the exam.
  • Applicants usually need 12 appearances on 34 months of preparation. 
  • In 1956, the US government said many containers of beer next to two atomic bombs that were detonated to determine if the beer was still drinkable. That conclusion in the event of a nuclear war, beer is perfectly safe to drink in Russia. 

Few true interesting facts

  • During times of economic disparity or high inflation, teachers in the remote region were paid in vodka. 
  • In and out burger used to let customers add as many extra patties of cheese as they wanted to their burgers. Until one group of eight people ordered one burger with a hundred parties which contained nineteen thousand four hundred ninety calories. 
  • Money to the tallest player in the history of the NBA was also the only player in the NBA to have killed a lion with a spear and to have paid 80 cows for his wife. 
  • In 2010, a man who is lost in the woods of northern Saskatchewan, Canada. He chopped down some power lines so that workmen would have to come and rescue. 
  • The rhinoceros party was a registered political party in Canada between the 1960s and 90s. It was led by Cornelius Rhinoceros and promised to repeal the law of gravity, unchanged Canada’s currency to build. So it could be inflated or deflated. 


true interesting facts
  • Well, in 1976 and underachieving, Princeton junior undergraduates wrote a term paper describing how to make a nuclear bomb. He got an A but never got its paperback because it was seized by the FBI in October of 1994. 
  • Pulp Fiction, Forest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption and Jurassic Park were all in the theatres at the same time. 
  • In Japan, there is a hotel that has been in business for more than 1,300 years and all that time it has been operated by the same family for 46 generations. 
  • According to NASA, Nuclear power has prevented over two million deaths in the past 40 years as a result of lower air pollution from reduced coal usage and tighter. 
  • The atmosphere is so fake and the gravity is so low that humans could fly through it by flapping homemade wings attached to their arms. 
  • Charles Floyd, a Great Depression-era gangster, is a notorious bank robber and did himself to the public by destroying mortgage papers at the banks he robbed, freeing many from ADEX. 

True interesting facts about animals

  • In 1808, a gentlemen’s duel took place at two thousand feet in a pair of hot air balloons. Each man used a blunderbuss to attempt to destroy his balloon. 
  • A survey found that 28 per cent of I.T. professionals hide their career from family and friends out of fear of being asked to provide free tech support. 
  • In 2005, a 12-year-old girl was abducted in Ethiopia and her captors tried to force her into an arranged marriage. She was rescued by three lions that defended her for free days from her attackers. 
  • When a massive power outage struck Southern California in the 1990s. Los Angeles residents reportedly called nine more march to express alarm about strange clouds hovering overhead. They were seeing the Milky Way for the first time. 
  • She said she don’t recognize each other and fight for a few days afterwards to re-establish hierarchy. 
  • When Stephen Hawking gave a lecture in Japan, he was asked not to mention the possible collapse of the universe billions of years into the future for fears of the effects it would have on the stock exchange. 
  • The Mexican drug cartels have recently been kidnapping technicians and making them build their private cell phone network in Mexico. 

True interesting facts about Technology

  • A man earned four million airline miles for free without breaking any laws by using his credit card to purchase pre-delivery one dollar coins from the US Mint. 
  • If a dead whale is found on a British beach, then by law the head belongs to the king and the tail to the queen. 
  • Houston Airport received a lot of complaints about baggage wait times in response. They moved the Phuket’s claim area for an away so that the walk was longer than the wait. Subsequently, the number of complaints dropped significantly. 
  • When people are electrocuted and flown far distances, it is the result of sudden and violent muscle contractions. It is not caused by the shock itself. This has raised questions as to the actual strength and capabilities of the muscles inside the human body. 
  • In 2006, David Copperfield used sleight of hand to trick armed robbers into believing he had nothing on him. Even though he was carrying his passport, wallet and cell phone. 

Facts never lie

  • Ernest Hemingway took a urinal from his favourite bar and moved it into his Key West home, arguing that he had pissed away so much of his money into the urinal that he owned it. 
  • Killing Season is a British medical term used to describe a time around August when newly qualified doctors joined the National Health Service. 
  • During the siege of Jerusalem in 1917. The British, to capture the city from an entrenched Ottoman garrison, started to airdrop cigarettes filled with large doses of opium, hoping that the Ottomans would be too stoned to fight.
  • German was the second most spoken language in the US, with many local governments, schools and newspapers operating in Germany
  • n 2011, researchers led to a hundred. Planes go in 23 miles above Germany. Some have since been found in Canada, America, Australia, some FA
  • Samuel L. Jackson has a clause in all his movie contracts stating that he gets two days off a week to play golf. And the producers have to pay for it.

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