7 Interesting Facts About Texas

We’re going to explore Texas. Texas is a land of opportunities, history, culture and religion. Here are 7 amazing and interesting facts about Texas:

interesting facts about texas

Origin of Mexican-american war

It’s a well-known fact that Texas used to be an independent republic before it joined the United States of America until 1836. The region was controlled by Mexico, but Texan colonists revolted against the regime of then-president Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana and eventually, they won their independence. They remained an independent republic until 1845 when U.S. President James Polk admitted the republic’s request to join the union.

Once Texas became US states, the union inherited. Texas has border disputes with Mexico since the US has both the will and proper military strength, interesting facts about Texas. They acted accordingly and enforced the borders, interesting facts about Texas. Texas had claimed to be theirs and this dispute led to the Mexican-American War, which ended in Mexico ceding present day. California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona, half of New Mexico and parts of Colorado and Wyoming.

Additionally, the Texan claims this fact. Interestingly, it’s worth mentioning that if Texas would be an independent country today, it would be the 10th largest economy in the world, interesting facts about Texas.

interesting facts about texas

The Battle of Alamo

Most people have heard of the Alamo, but not much is known about it throughout the world, except that something terrible happened there. Well, for one, the Alamo is in Texas and something terrible did happen there. The Battle of the Alamo was an important event in the Texas Revolution against the Mexican regime. In February 1836, the Alamo was defended by a small garrison of 100 Texan soldiers, later enforced with an additional 100 to 150 men.

They were surrounded by a Mexican force of 1500 soldiers as the first step in the campaign to retake rebellious Texas for the next 10 days. The two armies engaged in several skirmishes with minimal casualties but on March 6, the Mexicans advanced on the Alamo. It was only on the third attempt that they managed to scale the walls. Incredibly, the Texan soldiers did manage to kill and wound 600 Mexicans but in the end, that wasn’t enough.

Any Texan soldiers that we’re unable to withdraw into the buildings were slain, as well as the few that surrendered. By the end of their day, all of the Texan soldiers were dead around 257 of them, with only a few non-combatants left alive to spread the word of what happened there.

Another lesser-known event took place later that month at Goliad, where 445 Texan prisoners of war were shot point-blank at the order of the Mexican president/ Dictator Antonio Lopez. The Santa Ana wounded survivors were clubbed and knifed to death. 

interesting facts about texas

Geographical conditions of Texas

When thinking about Texas. You probably imagine an arid desert with cacti and armadillos, cowboys and true Southern Americans, right? Think again. First off, less than 10 per cent of Texas is an actual desert. There are 10 climatic regions in this, the second-largest U.S. state, and thus the landscapes vary accordingly. The Gulf coastal plains are mostly covered by thick piney woods, and the inner low lands are covered by hilly, forested lands. The list goes on with prairies, steppes, desert valleys, wooded mountains, Loeb’s and desert grasslands.

The diversity of Texas isn’t just geographical demographically. It’s one of America’s most diverse states. German, Czech, Spanish, English, Vietnamese or Chinese are historically common languages. And let’s not forget French, Hindi, Arabic, Korean or do or Cherokee. If we look at the ancestry of Texans will find German Americans, Irish Americans, English, French, Czech, Italian, Spanish, African and Native Americans. Texans are also among the most religious Americans.

They are, after all, the buckle on the famous Bible Belt. There is a religious diversity though, while most are Protestants or Catholics. One of the largest Christian Orthodox communities in America, especially converts is also in Texas. 

interesting facts about texas

Interesting facts about texas, It’s flags

Texas is the state of Six Flags. Why? Six different states not counting the indigenous nations ruled the territory in the past few centuries. Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of the Confederacy and the United States all took turns in ruling this large piece of land. Texans embrace this part of their history and in.

They incorporated it into shopping malls, theme parks and other enterprises can get more American than that. One of America’s most famous theme parks. Six Flags which is, by the way, the largest amusement park company in the world, was established in Texas and got its name from this historic fact. 

interesting facts about texas

Texas Ranger Law Enforcement

One of the oldest law enforcement agencies in North America is the Texas Ranger Division. This organization was founded in 1823 with 10 men employed to protect 700 new settlers, refugees from the Mexican War of Independence. The Texas Rangers are probably one of the best-known officers of the law from the United States and having statewide jurisdiction.

They handle all sorts of things, such as conducting criminal and special investigations, catching felons, suppressing disturbances, criminal intelligence and protecting elected officials and yes, I know you’re all thinking about him. Chuck Norris is, in fact, a Texas Ranger, albeit an honorary one. 

interesting facts about texas

Invention of Dr. Pepper

The beloved Dr Pepper soft drink was invented in Waco, Texas, one year before Coca-Cola. It was created by pharmacists. Charles Alderton in 1885. It was an instant hit when it was introduced nationally at the 1984 Louisiana Purchase Exposition. It had twenty-three flavours. But if you’re curious to know what those flavours were. Well, tough luck.

As with Coca-Cola, the recipe for Dr Pepper is a trade secret and it’s kept in two halves in safe deposit boxes into different banks. An interesting fact to mention is that today Dr Pepper is being manufactured by many companies in the United States. It’s made by Dr Pappas naval group while in Europe, it’s made by The Coca-Cola Company and in Canada and Oceania. It’s Pepsi who owns the rights to produce it. 

interesting facts about texas

Texan cities

Texas has a wide range of well-known cities, while Austin is their capital. It’s perhaps not the most famous. Houston, the fourth-largest U.S. city, is a much more popular name known by virtually anyone, no matter where they live. One probable reason is that NASA’s Johnson Space Center, with its mission control centre, is located in the city, which gave us the now ever so popular saying Houston but let’s not forget about Dallas either popularized worldwide by the beloved soap opera with the same name.

Dallas is today one of the largest U.S. cities and the second-largest metro area, its airport. The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is one of the largest and busiest in the world. But San Antonio is worth mentioning, too. It’s America’s seventh-largest city and the oldest municipality of the state. You may know this city because it hosts the world’s largest annual rodeo and there you have it. These are Southern facts about Texas.

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