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Well you know at this apple. Right here is red. But what if I were to say there’s apples blue not blue but blue that be wrong wouldn’t it. Why isn’t the apple blue. Because we were taught that Red is red. . But where’s the evidence behind that statement. Evidence is that we were taught that in order for something to be a fact it had to be true. Almost everything we say or do has been done before and we’re taught to repeat it words numbers phrases actions even our own thoughts are repeated. One plus one obviously that equals two. What if one plus one were to equal four or five. Well they’d be wrong because long ago an old man decided that one plus one equals two. He said one rock and one rock together is two rocks. When a new idea is formed and the creator of that idea is able to convince the majority of the people that that idea is fact it becomes a fact. If I were to say one plus one equals four or five and my teacher told me I was wrong I’m not necessarily wrong I’m wrong to the math that we’ve been taught to believe but I’m not necessarily wrong if I want to believe that one plus one equals four because every idea started somewhere. As I said a dog should be called a flute. It wouldn’t be but if I said a dog should be called a flute and was able convince enough people to teach their children that that generation would grow up believing a dog was a flute. And for that generation that would be a fact when a person thinks that there can be no other answer to their question. They believe that the answer is a fact. I’m not trying to start a revolution or have you go to school and telling your teacher that orange is purple and purple is orange. I’m just saying your thoughts are your thoughts. You don’t need to prove your ideas because that proof would just be another idea.